| Making CHRIST the Center of our Community |

Want to know what it’s like to visit our church? Well, here’s what you can expect from a normal Sunday…

Our Sundays start with some Bible Study. We dig into the Word together and apply Scripture to everyday life. After that, we have our worship service together.

Worship is a time when we exalt the Lord through Singing, Reading the Bible, Praying, and Listening to Preaching. The sermons are expository, which means the preacher unfolds the text and applies it to your life.

On Sunday people will wear a variety of types of clothing. Our pastor will preach in a pair of nice jeans with a button-up shirt. Many members wear a t-shirt and jeans. Wear whatever is comfortable, because ultimately “the Lord looks at the heart.” (1 Sam. 16:7)

Most importantly, you’ll find everyone to be kind and welcoming. We have experienced God’s Love and want you to experience His Love! We hope to see you soon!

You can check out our past sermons by clicking here!

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